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Crisis Lines

When callers reach out to a crisis line, they are often in need of urgent help. Making the decision to reach out to a crisis line can take a lot of courage, so it’s important that callers are rewarded for their efforts by getting the help they need. If callers do not get an answer when they call a crisis line for help, it can reinforce the idea that nobody cares. This can be very damaging and hurtful for people in crisis, so it’s important to avoid letting calls go unanswered when you manage a crisis line.

Why Use Answering Exchange for Your Crisis Line?

An answering exchange can ensure that every call to your crisis line is answered. Using a live answering service is a good way to ensure that nobody in need ever feels that their needs are being ignored. An answering service may also be able to provide vacation coverage during periods when you need to temporarily close the crisis line or reduce the number of call handlers on duty.

Answering Exchange Provides Sensitivity and Professionalism

Crisis line callers deserve to be treated with respect and sensitivity. You need to choose a live answering service that can provide the professionalism that callers expect. Answering Exchange answers each call in a professional manner. Our representatives efficiently and sensitively determine the best plan of action for each caller.

Answering Exchange Helps Callers Get the Help They Need

Answering Exchange provides a level of service that a basic voicemail function could never achieve. Experienced representatives work with callers to find out what each person needs and recommend the best course of action for each case. These personalized solutions can make a real difference to your crisis callers, as these solutions can ensure that people facing difficult situations can get help that is appropriate to their situation.

Be There for Your Callers

It’s important to be there for your callers every time they call. Whether callers get in touch during the day or in the middle of the night, they need to know that someone cares. Answering Exchange can provide a 24-hour telemessaging service to help meet the needs of your callers, no matter when they choose to reach out to you. Answering Exchange representatives can ensure you are notified of every urgent call so nobody has to go without the help they need.

The Challenges of Managing a Crisis Line

Answering Exchange understands the challenges of running a crisis line. When your call handlers are off duty or engaged in other calls, you need to ensure that someone is available to acknowledge every call and reassure callers that they’ll get the support they need very soon. By working with Answering Exchange, you can make every caller feel valued and important, which could be a vital first step in helping them with their problems.

The Importance of Providing Support to Callers

For many crisis line callers, simply knowing that someone cares enough to answer the phone can make a big difference to their mental state. Give your callers the reassurance that calling your helpline will bring them help. Just as your callers put their trust in you, you can rely on Answering Exchange to provide a 24-hour answering service that is always professional, sensitive and efficient.

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