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Community Awareness Programs

When you are running a community awareness program, communication is everything. At Answering Exchange, we are here to answer your phone calls on your behalf when you need us and to ensure that your callers get the assistance they require quickly from our highly trained and qualified representatives. Our live answering service in Wichita is available 24/7, meaning your callers will never experience the frustration of a phone that constantly rings or an engaged tone.

We Handle the Calls You Can’t

We understand that your goal is to help and improve your community and that there are times when you might experience an influx of calls or need assistance with phone coverage outside of normal working hours. Our teams can handle the calls you can’t and will provide a seamless service that mirrors your own call handling processes perfectly. If you would prefer your calls to be routed to our voicemail service so that you can handle messages when you are ready, we can provide this service too.

Build Strong Community Relationships

The people within the community you serve need to trust your services and be confident that there will always be somebody available to help them when they call. Our 24-hour tele messaging service is tailored to the needs of your organization and provided by a team that is knowledgeable, professional and able to supply callers with the answers and assistance they need.

Coverage for Those Busy Times

When something big happens within your community or you need to take time away from the office to provide face-to-face assistance with community members, simply hand the reins to Answering Exchange. We’ll take care of your calls while you are out of the office or provide you with an answering service in Wichita that fields calls from the moment you leave to the moment your return. Knowing that your calls are being dealt with gives you the freedom to focus on what matters most without the worry of important calls going unanswered.

The Community Office That Never Closes

No matter what the focus of your community awareness program, it is important that your community members feel informed, safe and important. With Answering Exchange by your side, you can be the office that never closes and offer true 24/7 support and assistance every day. You can also choose the hours you wish us to handle your calls. For example, if your normal office hours are 9-5 but you wish to answer calls into the evening, we’ll take over when you clock off for as long as you need us. Our answering services are individually tailored to your exact needs and the demands of your community.

Real People for Real Problems

The last thing your callers want to hear is an engaged tone or a phone that is never answered. That’s why we provide real people to handle real problems over the phone. We’ll answer promptly and provide the same high quality service that you would expect from your own teams. We want you and your community members to have complete confidence in our services, although your callers don’t ever need to know that you are using an answering service — our services really are that seamless.

Serve Your Community Better

You never know when you might need a helping hand. When it comes to delivering the best possible service to your community, it’s reassuring to know that our answering services in Wichita are here when you need them. We’ll help you to deliver a better service to your community, respond to calls when your teams are unavailable and handle those busy times or vacation coverage as required.

Why not speak to us today to find out more about our services and the Answering Exchange advantage? We’d be delighted to tell you more.

The Benefits of a Community Awareness Programs Answering Service

If it involves communication – we’re there. Our expertise simplifies the complexities of the industry to bring unity to your otherwise hectic schedule. You have enough on your plate. We can handle communication.

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