Benefits of Hiring a Legal Answering Service in Wichita, KS

Law firms handle dozens of calls each day, and everyone has the potential to generate new business. Of course, they can also interrupt you as you feverishly work through your existing caseload. As an attorney, the last thing you want to do is spend hours on the phone handling intake calls, but with a live legal answering service, your Wichita-based firm won’t have to stay tethered to a phone or desk. Here are five ways working with a legal answering service can help your firm.

Cut Your Office Overhead

When you employ a receptionist, they expect to get paid regardless of call volume. That can mean you pay for a lot of man hours that don’t generate leads for your firm. With a legal answering service, you set the rate based on your expected call volume. You only pay for the phone minutes you actually need. Plus, you never have to worry about an unexpected sick day or time off. Your answering service is always on, 24/7 and 365, all at less than you’d expect to pay for a full-time employee.

Get Organized

Maintaining call records is an important part of any legal service. After all, you bill by the hour, so hours spent on the phone should translate into billing. Unfortunately, with first-time callers, you can spend a lot of time on the phone without anyone to bill for it. A legal answering service in Wichita, KS, can help you by automatically logging all calls and recording the content of those calls. Then, you get a quick list of who called and why, so you can do callbacks when you are available.

Decrease Interruptions

Nothing grabs your attention like a constantly ringing phone. Every time it rings, you stop what you’re doing to answer and handle any questions. Every interruption means you have to dive back into what you were working on, and some things require fairly intense concentration. When your calls are directed to an answering service, you don’t get the constant interruptions that disrupt your focus. You can set aside specific times to handle calls and work in peace when you need to.

Avoid Missed Calls

As irritating as the phone can be, it is also the way that people contact you when they need legal advice. A missed call could mean a missed opportunity to onboard a new client. You want the phone picked up for every caller, you just don’t want to have to handle it yourself. With a legal answering service, you don’t have to pick up the phone, and you don’t have to worry about missed opportunities.

Choose Answering Exchange for Your Kansas Law Firm

When you’re looking for a legal answering service in Wichita, KS, you can’t go wrong with Answering Exchange. Not only are we a local service, we also bring nearly a century of experience to the table. Founded in 1924, this company offers specialized communication services for different industries. That means when we offer legal answering services, our receptionists are versed in best practices for a law firm. It also means that you get 24/7 service and can go on vacation or into the courtroom without worrying about missing an important call. You’ll always get the crucial calls and have a log of all of the calls you can handle later. You’ll also get regular reports about the calls that come in, so you can act immediately when necessary.