How to Choose the Right Real Estate Answering Service | Wichita, KS

Answering Service

If your real estate agency is having trouble, that might be because your business is hard to get in touch with. Choosing a reputable answering service is the best way to make sure communications with your business are streamlined, and your clients know their business is being handled with complete professionalism.

The Necessity of an Answering Service

No real estate agency has people on-call 24/7. While they may employ secretarial staff during daytime hours, and agents may be available for showings late into the evening, there will be times when staff and agents are too busy to answer – and outside of business hours, clients may not be able to get through to anyone at all.

Some clients will leave a message, or keep on trying to get through. But more often, you’re one of many potential businesses a client is scouting. Many clients will get discouraged and move on down their list to call another real estate agency. And when they get through successfully, they’ll forget about your business and pin their hopes on the new company.

What an Answering Service Can Do for You

An answering service is a company that handles calls when your business can’t. You can set it up so any calls – to your agency’s main line, or to an individual realtor’s line – route to the service.

When no one from your business picks up, the call routes automatically to the answering service, where there are live humans available 24/7 to answer your clients’ calls. They take down clients’ personal information and facts about their concerns and route that information to your business’ secretarial staff. Your business can then return the call the next day.

While this may seem like it’s no different from leaving a voicemail, the importance of a live human contact is critical. When your clients get in touch with a live human being, rather than a machine, they’re reminded that their business is important to you. They know they were noticed and listened to, and can rest easy that you’ll get back to them as soon as possible. It’s far less likely that they’ll move on to a different company.

Answering Exchange

There is a number of answering services in the Wichita, Kansas, area that you can sign up for that will handle your business’ calls, but not all of them will meet your needs.

When you’re selecting an answering service, you need one that will record your clients’ calls and personal information accurately, so you can return the call later on. You need a service staffed with warm, friendly, professional people who will make the client feel welcome, reassured and certain that you’ll return their call as soon as possible. You also need the assurance that the answering machine answers calls domestically, rather than routing them to overseas agents. Unfortunately, not all answering services meet these criteria.

Answering Exchange is a customized, 24/7 answering service that assists businesses, including real estate agencies, in the Wichita area and elsewhere. Unlike many of its competitors, Answering Exchange offers a variety of options, to provide you with information no matter where you are, vacation coverage when your business needs only temporary coverage, and alarm monitoring so you’re always apprised of important notifications.

Setting up Answering Exchange for your business is simple, and the benefit for your business is invaluable. You’ll see an increase in client retention, and clients will know they can trust you with their business. Contact Answering Exchange today to learn more about their answering service, and let your clients know you’re always there for them.