Does Your Kansas Law Firm Need a Legal Answering Service?

Legal Answering Service

As an attorney, your time is precious. Not only do you have to balance the needs of clients, your own staff and family life, but you also have to make sure your time is properly billed at the end of each day in order to make a living. Running your business means being accessible to the public, but in a way that lets you make efficient use of your time.

If you are like most lawyers in Wichita, KS, you don’t have much time to spend answering phone calls, and the time you do could be better spent doing billable work for clients. That’s why a legal answering service might be a practical tool for your legal business, offering you a solid return on investment.

How Phone Calls Disrupt the Law Firm Environment

Law firms are very busy places. You and your associates exist in a profession that is deadline-driven and client work takes priority. While you’re busily preparing for a court date, an unexpected phone call can disrupt the flow of your work. It also prevents you from billing those precious minutes to the client.

Often, it takes a few minutes to figure out why a person is calling and whether or not they actually need to speak with you. Once the caller discovers they have the firm’s primary lawyer on the phone, they might push their agenda a little harder than if they’d reached another staff member — taking up even more of your time.
At the same time, phone calls are essential. You cannot miss a call from the court that pushes up a deadline or from opposing counsel about one of your current cases. You cannot switch off the phone lines completely, in particular when your actions will have a direct and measurable effect on the welfare of your clients.

How Answering Services Help Law Firms

Legal answering services help law firms be receptive to the general public. Lawyers have a professional responsibility to remain in contact with clients, and part of running a successful practice is being open to the concerns of people who may need legal services. Legal answering services simply provide a better way to handle messages.

With a legal answering service, your callers can speak with a live person. That virtual receptionist can log and prioritize messages on your behalf so you know which ones to return and how quickly.

Your legal answering service can be available all the time or simply cover while you are on vacation. You can establish alerts that will let you know right away if an urgent matter comes through the phone lines. You will have the benefit of a virtual assistant, who can make your life easier without ever dropping the ball.

Why Choose Answering Exchange

With Answering Exchange, you get the benefit of a receptionist without the limitations of hiring someone to manage your office. A front desk staff member may be essential to bring clients to meetings and act as the first point of contact for your business. But a receptionist can’t be on staff 24 hours a day, while a service can always be on call.

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