Be There For Your Patients, Anytime and Anywhere with Live Answering Services

Live Answering Services

Handling the multitude of daily tasks at a busy medical office is challenging enough without the constant phone calls that come streaming in by patients, physicians, insurance companies and pharmacies. Answering phone calls are, of course, part of the job, but they also distract from and interrupt other daily operations, and too many phone calls can actually start to affect efficiency and cause your medical practice to run less smoothly.

The Benefits of a Medical Answering Service

To prevent an adverse work environment that can be bothersome for both staff and patients in the office waiting area, many medical offices have chosen to utilize the services of a professional live medical answering service. A live answering service benefits, not just the office, but also the patients and others who call in, serving to improve efficiency in the office and decrease the frustration and impatience callers may experience if their phone calls aren’t handled in a prompt manner.

Improved Customer Service

While all phone calls are important, it is patient calls that matter the most. If a patient has a difficult time reaching office staff, they may eventually choose to go to another practice. However, a medical answering service can ensure that not only are all calls answered in a prompt and courteous fashion but that patients are also quickly routed to the correct department or person they need to speak with.

Having Live Operators Available for Every Call

In addition to being available for each and every single call, the operators of the live answering service can also handle wrong number calls and help low priority callers, leaving office staff more time to handle their own tasks and help high priority patients or those already in the office. Even better, the operators of a live answering service are available to callers around the clock, being able to handle patient’s and other’s needs even after office hours.

Office Staff Spends Less Time on Administrative Tasks

Fewer unnecessary or low-priority phone calls for office staff to handle means administrative tasks will get done quicker due to less interruption. Not only is this a great improvement in efficiency, it also helps reduce the mistakes made from trying to juggle too many tasks in a limited amount of time and with constant interruptions. Additionally, if you are short-staffed one day, the live answering service helps to relieve some of the burdens that would normally be placed on the remaining staff.

Why Choose Answering Exchange

Answering Exchange serves many businesses and medical offices, in Wichita, KS, surrounding areas, and nationally providing live answering services, 24-hour virtual receptionists, vacation coverage and much more. As one of the most knowledgeable and experienced live answering service providers in the country, Answering Exchange is a proven leader in the industry, striving to provide top-notch, professional communication services as well as excellent customer service for all our clients. Business owners and managers prefer Answering Exchange to other services because there are absolutely no machines or automated systems, only live people. For more information about a medical answering service and to see how using one can benefit your medical office, contact Answering Exchange today.