Why Hire a Virtual Receptionist Instead of a Full-Time Receptionist

Is your voicemail inbox constantly full? Do you spend valuable time sifting through phone calls one at a time when you could be doing something more productive with your time? Whether you are trying to reduce overhead or can’t seem to find a reliable receptionist who knows what questions to ask, a virtual receptionist is exactly what you need.

Virtual receptionists are live, real, professional receptionists. Your clients are not interested in whether your receptionist is on-site or not. They want your receptionist to be polite and thorough, and to relay a message to you in a timely manner, or to provide all the information they need.
Here are four more primary benefits of hiring a virtual receptionist:

A Virtual Receptionist Is Cost Efficient

Hiring a virtual receptionist allows you to cut costs. A full-time receptionist earns a paycheck regardless of whether or not he or she has calls to answer or not. With a virtual receptionist, you only pay for time spent on calls.

A Virtual Receptionists Provides Call Logs

A virtual receptionist organizes the information gathered during a call in call logs. Call logs are labeled in an easy-to-scan manner so you know if a call was simply a call-back request, an inquiry about your products or services, a sales call, or any other phone call. Urgent and emergency calls are tagged as such, and calls you can wait to return are given lower-priority labels.

A virtual receptionist not only gathers information but also asks discerning questions pertinent to the call type, which means you have as much information as possible to work with prior to returning the phone call.

A Virtual Receptionist Has 24/7

AvailabilityRegular business hours are a luxury few companies have in today’s digital, global economy. Your competitors can gain an edge on you if you force your customers to wait until morning to contact you or if they are put off because they called during non-business hours.

A virtual receptionist is available all day, every day. That means whenever a client or potential customer feels the need to contact you, your receptionist is there to answer the call.

A Virtual Receptionist Can Handle Scheduling and Appointments

A virtual receptionist answer phone calls take notes and asks appropriate questions that provide you with all the information you need about a call. In addition, a virtual receptionist can take care of your scheduling needs.

For example, if a vendor needs to schedule a meeting with you or a potential customer would like to make an appointment to speak to you in person, your live answering service can tell the vendor or customer when you are available and provide a list of appointment options. So, a phone answering service allows your customers to inquire about your products or services, as well as schedule an appointment with you all in a single phone call. Since a receptionist is often the first person from your business who speaks to potential customers on your behalf, the receptionist must be competent and thorough.

Whether your business is large or small, Answering Exchange is a quality addition to your staff. We have competitive rates, hire only professional and competent virtual receptionists, and are available seven days a week, 24 hours a day if you need customer assistance. So, contact us today!